Longer days, summer vacations, and more time outside with friends and family. While the advantages of the summer can be perfect for the spirit, they can negatively affect our skin and hair. However, with the right skin and haircare routine with Cosmo, your hair and skin will always remain fresh and sun ready!

Let’s explore the top 4 ways to make your Summer Beauty Routine better:

Tip 1: Use Sun Protection all the time
Although Sun Screen and Sun protection should be a part of your routine all year long, it is important to remember that even if you are outside for a short time, UV Rays will be more powerful throughout the season. If your summer activities call for a day by the lake, pool, or ocean, you are getting both direct sunbeams and the reflected beams skipping off the water. Your skin will be much more sensitive to UV radiation and any product applied will be consumed quicker. We offer a wide variety of sun protection products that are tough on UV rays and gentle for your skin. 

Tip 2: Include Sun Protection and Restorative Treatments for Your Hair
Most of us already incorporate Sun Protection into our skincare routine, but if you have ever experienced a scalp sunburn or experienced extra hair frizz and damaged tresses, you will know how tedious it can be to soothe and repair! Wearing a cap can go far to safeguard the more delicate skin on your scalp, however, you must find additional ways to safeguard your hair. Most of the Cosmo hair product range includes sun protection to help keep your hair looking its best. The product Argan Oil From Morocco that have an active ingredient, that is designed to not only protect your hair from the sun's damaging rays but to also replenish and restore your hair’s lustre after a long day of exposure. 

Tip 3: Find a Good Body Scrub for Your Skin
Exfoliation is a key part of any skincare routine, and it is a process our bodies go through naturally. In any case, as we age, our cell turnover dials back, and our bodies need some help to clear dead skin cells and impurities. While there are various types of exfoliator, products like a face and body scrub will help whisk away impurities leaving behind supple smooth skin. 

Tip 4: Use a Body Glow Product to Enhance Your Best Assets
Since hotter weather conditions frequently imply shorts and sleeveless shirts, you can constantly upgrade your newly exfoliated and sun-safeguarded skin with a body sparkle item for that additional sheen! Cosmo offers a wide variety of Body Lotions to bring out the best in your skin. 

  • Dec 08, 2022
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